The Enchanted Bee  Apothecary is the luxury skincare line produced by Guy Bees Apiary. At Guy Bees, we are dedicated to raising our honey bees in the most bee & nature friendly way possible. We don't use any chemicals or pesticides on our bees to ensure that the wax and honey they produce is as pure as possible. The natural beeswax and honey our bees produce forms the basis for our Enchanted Bee skincare line.

All the ingredients we use are natural. We do not add any artificial colors, flavors or scents to our products. Each of our recipes has been carefully researched and each ingredient has been meticulously chosen to yield the finest formulation.

Whenever possible, we choose botanical ingredients that are unrefined and either wild-crafted or certified organic to take full advantage of  the benefits of Mother Nature's goodness. Most of the herbal infusions we use are created by us specifically for use in our products.

Have questions about our botanical ingredients? Please  visit our Ingredients page.

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